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Walking with... Dinosaurs!

During the Late Cretaceous of what is now Alberta, Canada, a small group of Edmontosaurus regalis crosses a river bank leaving behind their trackways. Also marking their presence at the site are indeterminate troodontids, whose agitation draws the attention of one of the ornithopods, and an Albertosaurus that observes the herbivores from afar.

The illustration represents the production of tracks in the Wapiti Formation, showing the abundant Hadrosauropodus footprints, probably produced by the ornithopod E. regalis, and varied theropod footprints, including the large tridactyls ones, attributed to tyrannosaurs, and the didactyls ones probably made by troodontids.
Not present in the image, but equally notable, are tracks of possible ornithomimid theropods and azhdarchid pterosaurs.

At the invitation and supervision of Nathan Enriquez and other authors, I had the honor of illustrating the scene to accompany their article on the trackways!

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